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The Bezonians

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 26, 2021

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The Bezonians
Directed by:
Savvas D. Michael
Written by:
Savvas D. Michael
Andreas Karras, Vinnie Jones, Jamie Crew, Marina Sirtis, Lois Brabin-Platt, Jason Duff

A bunch of people in London spend a great deal of their time at a social club named The Bezonians. Then a change of circumstances puts their lives at risk.


Plato (Karras) is the proud owner of the social club and a family man. He enjoys socializing with the various individuals who frequent his business, some of which include Anthony (Crew), an intellectually disabled young man with a tragic past, Achilles (Michael) a quiet and dangerous bloke and Taz (Duff) a wild fella with a mohawk. Things are going smoothly for them, however a careless act of gambling puts them up against a ruthless debt collector named Willard (Jones).


This crime drama centers on a Greek-themed establishment and the people who go there often. The characters are interesting and the narrative explores their lives well. There is violence, people being killed and a lot of profanity and beatings and there is brief nudity and a sex scene. The dialogue is sharp and the cast deliver convincing and entertaining performances. The movie also has humorous moments and drama.


Although a large number of criminal activities take place, the film also explores other aspects of life, including the values of family and friendship and the importance of sticking together and supporting each other and overcoming obstacles.


The cinematography by John Hoare looks great and the soundtrack is entertaining and includes frequent use of Jazz music and traditional Greek music. Michael's directing contains well executed long takes. Karras also provides narration and he does so effectively. Credit also goes to the stylized letters during the opening and closing credits and the use of freeze-frame technique.


This is a crime film that will most likely appeal to fans of movies such as Snatch. The characters are intriguing and the screenplay will probably grab the viewer's attention. This is an achievement that is worthy of praise and attention.

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Jason Knight
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