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Taste the Difference

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 1, 2022

Film Reviews
Taste the Difference
Directed by:
Sohale Dezfoli
Written by:
Nicholas Begnaud
Mark Prendergast, Houston Rhines , Kevin M Walsh

The title of the short film- "Taste the difference" is chosen by Sohale Dezfoli to attract the audience to the film. The red font for the title of the film has connotations of vigor, and courage needed to participate in the Pepsi challenge. The mention of a big brand like Pepsi helps increase the views on YouTube and Vimeo. The genre of the cinematic piece is experimental comedy. The creative piece explores the subject of the Pepsi challenge for painkillers. The cinematographer Paul W Sauline uses a combination of long, mid, and close-up shots to establish the topic of the film. The white and grey colour palette of the film gives the desired boost to the experimental comedy mood. The use of blood, violence, and swearing in the experiment increases the gruesomeness of the examination taking place in the movie thus the makers introduce some comic relief in the narrative. The use of an intense music piece and voice modulation by the analyst can enhance the research by demanding the full attention of the viewers.


The plot of the film revolves around whether Painkillers can be replaced by Pepsi and if the experts can find significant evidence to prove the assumptions made earlier is the question the film raises.


In terms of performances, Mark Prendergast has excellent comic timing in the movie, making sure there isn’t any dull moment for the viewers. He portrays the desired variations in the range of emotions the candidate of the experiment is forced to go through effortlessly. Houston Rhines plays the role of the scientist. The facial expressions, eyes, and voice modulation assist the actor to maintain the seriousness of the experiment. Kevin M Walsh plays the role of the assistant to Houston's character. He ensures the smooth flow of the study of the Pepsi challenge Kevin proves to be a strong support system to the structure of the storyline.


The short film transforms into the marketing campaign for Pepsi with loud music and an orchestra, the billboards. It is like a fest organized for the celebration of the cold drink giant in the market. It is a smart collaboration between the director of the movie and Pepsi. The inclusion of common people of America in the campaign increases the degree of interaction with the short film and also makes the content relatable to the masses. The public after watching the marketing campaign should express their desire to be featured in it.


In my opinion, the film has a well-written script to strike a perfect balance between the analysis part and the drive but the elements like blood, violence and swearing can be detrimental for the film. The movie fails to cater to those who only want to get entertained by the movie. I also feel developing liking of Pepsi in children can major boost in their sales graph of the company and depicting such unsocial components can be harmful for the image of this large brand.

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Swati Verma
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