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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 15, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Martin Ponferrada
Written by:
Martin Ponferrada, Carlo Sardon, Luz Rodriguez-Basavilbaso
Luz Rodriguez-Basavilbaso, Carlo Sardon

Shortly after meeting a nice young woman, a young man is unsure how to react after making a dramatic discovery about her.


Anita (Basavilbaso) and Carlo (Sardon) are strangers who meet for the first time at a bar. After closing time, they go to Anita's home. Things go well for the two of them, they chat talk about where they are from, what kind of books they like to read, they have a few drinks and the atmosphere is pleasant. However, things change between them when she reveals that a couple of years ago she was drugged and possibly raped.


This interesting short film begins with romance, with two people meeting, having lighthearted conversations, getting to know each other and then things become dramatic following Anita's revelation. With the knowledge that she went through this terrible ordeal, Carlo does not know whether it would be right for him to sleep with her, as he believes that her experience might have changed her as a person and made her vulnerable and if they proceed, he is concerned that he could be disrespecting her and taking advantage of her. She disagrees, arguing that when she was drugged, she had no choice, while now she does. They end up having a long conversation about this, sharing their point of view. Generally, Anita believes that there would be nothing morally wrong if they slept together, while Carlo is not sure about either.


Basically, the film appears to be raising a question: if a person has been through an experience similar to Anita's, would it be right for another individual to sleep with them if they themselves are aware of that event? The filmmakers seem to be leaving the answer to be decided by the viewers.


Both protagonists do a great job and deliver convincing performances. Basavilbaso plays an optimistic individual who believes she sees the right side of things regarding Carlo's dilemma. Sardon's character is a sensitive person who is cautious about what is morally correct. The two of them speak in Spanish and occasionally in English.


Rory Laws provides a score that is amusing and accompanies the scenes effectively. Ponferrada directs well and creates a well-executed long take.


This is a short comedy drama with strong acting and well-written dialogue. The conversation between the two leads regarding Anita's ordeal is intriguing and will most likely leave the audience with a thoughtful experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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