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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 24, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Adam Onishi
Written by:
Adam Onishi, Elsa Lundin, Toste Severin
Peter Mattsson, David Vincent, Lotta Forsberg, Palle Andren

A lighthouse keeper's plans for Christmas take an unexpected turn.


It is a stormy, rainy night and Osterman, who is an elderly lighthouse keeper is at the lighthouse, preparing for the arrival of relatives for the Christmas Holidays. Things appear to be jolly, until he hears a knock on his door, which instead of his anticipated guests, turns out to be a group of French people, whose boat sank and they managed to reach the shore. However, some other passengers are still at the ocean. Osterman contacts the authorities, but they are having a hard time finding out what is going on, as they do not speak French.


This Swedish drama has a plot that involves a rather devastating situation and it explores issues that can be caused by language barriers. A group of shipwreck survivors seek shelter and assistance and are unable to communicate with the two Swedish police officers or Osterman, because they do not speak the same language, leading to misunderstandings. Due to the language barrier neither side can see the truth.


The cast deliver great performances. Osterman is a kind, gentle and helpful man, who is willing to do the right thing. His character appears to represent loneliness and isolation. The survivors are convincing as individuals who have been through a terrible ordeal and the members of the police force are also believable.


Unsurprisingly, since the story takes place during Christmas, there is festive music to be heard. The mise-en-scene looks great, with the appropriate decorations and presents in Osterman's household. The filmmakers do a fantastic job in showing the fearsome storm and the sound effects of the waves, wind and rain are very effective. The wonderful cinematography is another strong feature.


This short is an admirable achievement. With very good acting and an intriguing plot, it offers a thoughtful experience.

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Jason Knight
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