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Seize The Carp

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Oct 3, 2022

Film Reviews
Seize The Carp
Directed by:
Jerry J White
Written by:
Jerry J White, Jane Paul Maccrron, Charles Parks
Jane Paul Maccrron, Charles Parks

The name of the feature film-Seize The Carp has the connotation of holding on to an opportunity to heal and choosing the right company to be able to share the grief. The writer-director Jerry J White always opts for a character-driven style of narration so that the audience can relate to Rachel (Jane Paul Maccrron) and Casey (Charles Parks) to emotionally connect to the content of the movie.


In death comes Life and it couldn’t be more real for childhood friends, Casey and Rachel. After Rachel’s brother passes away unexpectedly the two of them come together and take a road trip in his memory. Although the two have followed very different paths in life, the journey becomes the same in the end.


The DOP Kenneth Keeler utilizes the mid-close-up shot to capture the sadness in the opening scene, therefore, establishing the subject matter of the film. The extreme close-up shot gives the viewers an idea about the bond Rachel and Casey share. The camera switches between a series of mid-shots and close-up shots to provide details about the lives of the two protagonists of the cinematic piece. A series of long-shots help showcase the landscape which increases the viewing experience for the audience. The set design, lighting, dialogues, costume, makeup, and hair has been kept natural to give a sense of realism and relatability and also not lose the intensity of the creative piece.


Jane Paul Maccrron plays Rachel who is emotionally broken due to the passing away of her brother and is trying hard to find the strength to overcome all the problems. Maccrron understands the depth and nuances of Rachel and makes sure that she puts in the right amount of emotions as per the demand of the screenplay and the director.

Charles Parks as Casey is a treat to watch. Casey becomes a strong pillar of support during the hard times of his childhood friend Rachel. Parks portrays the multiple-layered character effectively as he always wants to uplift Rachel’s mood with his antics. Park’s acting skills are put to test with all the continuous ups and downs in their individual lives in the story while holding each other closely to go through the tough times.


The film- Seize The Carp talks about the importance of memories as it becomes a medium to remember friends and family and doesn’t let one forget them. The feature film also reiterates the crucial role of true friends in times of crisis. This drama tells its audience about the significance of communication for sustaining any relationship in life. The cinematic piece conveys the key message regarding the selfless love and care required to be given to people for the betterment of society as a whole. The creative piece talks to the viewers regarding spending a lot of time with the loved-ones at present and then regretting it later. It also tells us the gravity of building trust between people and it becomes beneficial for all of them involved.


As an ardent viewer of feature films, I would like to say that I like the idea of pushing storytelling through collaborations and the continuous efforts by Jerry J white to keep the character first and share strong characters with the audience. I also like the fact the content holds relevance even now after two years of quarantine time away from the outside world.

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Swati Verma
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