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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 2, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Danny Patrick
Written by:
Danny Patrick
Niamh James, Amanda Doherty, Jaime Winstone, Todd Bell, Julian Glover

A story about the complications surrounding a schoolgirl and the people around her.


Aine (James) is a teenage schoolgirl in Portrush, Northern Ireland and her life is facing complications. She is pregnant and she is keeping it a secret. She lives with her mother (Doherty) and her grandmother (Kathy Deehan), who is terminally ill. At school, she is taking part in a play, along with her friend and fellow student Leo (Bell). As her pregnancy progresses, Aine must make serious decisions about her future, while simultaneously try to deal with issues involving individuals close to her.


This comedy drama contains plenty of characters and various storylines. The main focus is Aine's life, how her pregnancy is affecting her and how she interacts with those around her, seeking comfort in her grandmother, her drama teacher Ellie (Winstone) and Father Reitel (Glover). Leo's matters are a big part of the story. He has a lead role in the school play and he fancies a girl he is acting with, although she does not feel the same way for him. On top of that, his troublesome brother (Black) and his no-good friends are planning to rob a poker game and are dragging Leo into their scheme. Meanwhile, Aine's mother is having trouble at the bar where she works, with a businessman and his adopted and deaf daughter making things difficult and Ellie begins a relationship with the school's caretaker. Although there are humorous moments, this feature is primarily a drama with rather emotional scenes.


As the main character, Aine is a teenager who is facing huge challenges for her young age and she is played outstandingly by James. She is a character who has suicidal thoughts and her state of mind and thoughts are explored by visions that she has of her being at a funfair or encountering a man who may or may not be Jesus. She tries hard to figure out what is the best way to handle her pregnancy and move on with her life. Leo is her close friend, a charismatic boy, yet also naive and a troublemaker. Her mother, grandmother, Ellie and Father Reitel serve as characters who attempt to comfort her and give her good advice.


Patrick does an amazing job with the directing and creates some terrific aerial shots. The atmospheric music by Paul Casey is another strong feature and praise also goes to Tatiana Eikosidyou and Ema Saric for the wonderful work on the design and animation during the opening and closing credits.


This film is a coming-of-age story that follows people facing the hardships of life and it looks into many themes, including self-discovery, teenage angst, teenage pregnancy, parenthood, friendship, religion, abortion and school life. It is a moving and thoughtful viewing that is supported by a strong screenplay, great acting, an exceptional score and the presence of acclaimed actor Julian Glover.

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