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Private Eye

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jan 25, 2023

Film Reviews
Private Eye
Directed by:
Chris Moon, Samuel McIntosh
Written by:
Chris Moon, Samuel McIntosh
Chris Moon, Dwight Boyce, Gianna Chaisson

The writer-directors Chris Moon and Samuel McIntosh love to explore as well as experiment with the crime genre adding various elements like drama, thrill, mystery, and suspense, therefore, increasing the degree of audience engagement with the content with help of protagonist Chris Moon.


The plot of the music video revolves around detective Moon who spirals into full-blown mania as he searches for an elusive culprit trying his level best to uncover the truth behind the Private Eye.


The font of the title-Private eye, the background sound utilised by the cinematographer Peter Phan assists in the integration of the crime and horror genres in the minds of the viewers. The set design, dim lighting, combination of white, yellow, bluish, and black colour palette, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, music, and props complement the topic of the creative piece allowing the filmmakers to bring the audience into the spy universe providing a sense of involvement up until the climax. The dramatic piece follows a non-linear narrative to give the necessary details to emotionally appeal to its audience in such a short running time of Private Eye. The makers of the musical piece have included a few behind-the- scenes clips at the end so that people can get inspired by it if they want to follow their dreams of doing something similar.


In terms of performance, Chris Moon plays the role of detective Moon. The actor is well prepared with his research and he understands the nuances of character. He makes the audience nostalgic while giving Moon a fresh flavour.

Dwight Boyce plays a police chief who stays determined towards his duties and wants to fulfil them with utmost honesty for the wellbeing of everyone. The body language, voice modulation, eyes, and facial expressions used by Boyce provide emotional depth keeping the conversation interesting for the audience.


Private Eye talks about the need to try and do the work at hand with utmost conviction until one becomes fully satisfied and craves to continuously improve at it each time. The cinematic piece also reiterates the importance of professional and personal support amidst colleagues for each other so that they can perform better and prove to be an asset to the firm. The pop video discusses how music can relieve stress and help concentrate. Private Eye restates how crucial traits like devotion and dedication can become when comes to career choices but people shouldn’t forget the significance of the work life balance. The crime drama also talks about encouraging the young generation to choose what they love to do as a result they would be happy and would be able to contribute towards the development of the country in the long term. The song teaches us that people tend to discourage everyone who wants to do something that would be beneficial for both the individual, loved ones, and the community so it is important to think about what essential for everyone instead of paying heed to these people.

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Swati Verma
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