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One Nighters

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Feb 20, 2022

Film Reviews
One Nighters
Directed by:
David Oyster
Written by:
Phil Perrier
Jay Leno, Dan Friedman, Phil Perrier, Judy Tenuta

The title of the short film- "One Nighters" chosen by the makers of this creative piece suits the genre and the theme of the movie. The fancy name given helps attract a large audience and fans to the movie posted on YouTube. The director David Oyster and the Editor Jason Rouse work together to discuss and decide on the approach and the medium of presenting the cinematic piece in front of the viewers. The use of regular people in the movie is a good move to keep it real. The short-film takes the form of a one-to-one interview and looks like a video-tape. The smooth transition from one scene to another creates a nostalgic feeling for the masses.


The plot of the film revolves around the lives of stand-up comedians and explores various experiences that lead them to the path of success in this career choice they made. It also showcases life on the road in the USA. It gives full insight into the profession and will be a convenient method to learn for the people wanting to choose the same occupation. The inclusion of interviews from Tim Wilson, Jay Leno, Billy Gardell, and Judy Tenuta educate the viewers about the importance of what works with the crowd, being serious about what choices one has made yet enjoying the same. The clips from the standup comedy shows are also added to instill a sense of realism into the Indie feature film.


The camera work by Dan Aguar exquisitely captures the beautiful landscapes and infrastructure America has to offer. He also uses various camera angles to cover the night-life as well as the Dears and Bisons. This makes the content more relatable to the masses thus assisting in increasing the popularity of the documentary.


The set design, lights, costume, hair, and makeup departments are coordinating with each other to match with the approach and the vibe the creative team of the short film has put together. The dialogues and conversations is kept straight forward so that the masses can understand the real-life account of various comedy giants and get inspired by them.


Everyone knows making people laugh is the most difficult part of this profession yet evoking laughter from a bunch of strangers sitting in the hall is the most rewarding thing for a professional entertainer. A comedian with each tour also gets to learn and discover a new trait of his/her personality and improve his skills as a performer. With being a humorist comes various challenges about planning little gigs carefully, maintaining own personality/style, and writing good material for the shows is the key to aiming for continuous growth in the entertainment industry.


Being an ardent viewer of various short films I came across a few flaws in the movie. A few scenes appear to be cluttered because of low picture quality. The filmmaker David Oyster should have included subtitles as the dialogue delivery isn’t on point in some scenes and it becomes difficult for the audience to follow the same.

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Swati Verma
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