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Mondo Hollywoodland

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 19, 2021

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Mondo Hollywoodland
Directed by:
Janek Ambros
Written by:
Janek Ambros, Chris Blim, Marcus Hart
Chris Blim, Aaron Golden, Miranda Rae Hart, Alex Loynaz, Jessica Jade Andres

An unknown person attempts to find out what today's Hollywood is by discovering what 'mondo' means.


Inspired by the cult classic documentary Mondo Hollywood, this feature looks into the modern film industry and follows the lives of several individuals residing in Los Angeles.


The film begins with someone who is fascinated by Hollywood and claims to be from the fifth dimension. That person is never seen and speaks with a male voice. When he is present, the action is seen through his point of view. He approaches a stranger in the street and asks him about Hollywood. The stranger explains that to know that, one needs to know what 'mondo' is and that the person who knows that is a man by the name of Normand Boyle. Once located, Boyle states that in order to find out what mondo means, one must seek out the Titans, Weirdos and Dreamers. So the man sets of to do just that. From then on, the movie separates to three chapters: one titled 'Titans', another named 'Weirdos' and finally one called 'Dreamers'.


Each chapter introduces new characters, but they all include Boyle. Every chapter contains characters that seem to represent the chapter's title. For instance, the Titans section focuses on the lives and struggles of a young actress and a man who works as a chief operating officer for a film company. It is suggested that the actress and the officer are titans, significant people in Hollywood. Other characters include an astrological priestess, a struggling actress, a personal trainer and a group of protesters. The narrative follows their goals, while also looking into Boyle's activities, whose main concern is to deal with the rats in his home. The screenplay basically consists of multiple storylines that intertwine with each other.


This feature could be described as a dark comedy satire on Hollywood. Many protagonists are involved in the film industry and some are eccentric. There are awkward situations, protests, drug use and hallucinations that involve people wearing masks.


The camera is often handheld and there are creative lighting effects. The editing often includes montages that utilize fast cutting techniques. There is occasional narration and at certain points characters break the fourth wall, look into the camera and address the audience. The soundtrack is rather entertaining.


This feature has its ways when it comes to getting the viewer's attention. The characters are interesting and it does have its funny parts. It may not be very engrossing, however it is worth seeking it out for some amusement.





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