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Longing For Gadot

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 18, 2022

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Longing For Gadot
Directed by:
Timur Almazov
Written by:
Timur Almazov
James Anite

A man finds a woman on a dating site and becomes obsessed.


While looking through pictures of women on a dating app, a young man (Anite) sees a picture of a young woman by the name 'Gadot', who he fancies. He repeatedly texts her, hoping for a reply but to no avail. As time goes by, he gets more and more disappointed and frustrated. Will she eventually contact him?


Filmed in black-and-white, this short drama deals with two things that are widespread in today's world: mobile phones and social media, particularly dating sites. The film shows how these two can affect a person because once he lays eyes on the photo of the special girl, the protagonist becomes fixated on her and is constantly on his phone, messaging her and eagerly awaiting a response. His life changes as he cannot get the woman out of his head and spends a great deal of time attempting to contact her.


There is a feeling of isolation, as the entire narrative takes place inside the man's apartment, with the man by himself, using his phone. The film appears to point out how technology can alienate people.


A romantic song accompanies pretty much the entire film and it goes well with the plot. The jazz music during the closing credits was also a good choice.


There are almost no spoken words and there is no need either. The film does an effective job in creating a story through actions and not speech.


Occasionally, the film cuts to the screen of the man's phone, showing either the messages he sends her or a picture of Gadot. The filmmakers also utilise fast cutting to good effect.


With directness, this short takes a look into social media, mobile phones and dating sites and seems to point out how they can lead to obsession and isolation. There is also a romantic side here, as the plot is about someone trying to be with the one he fancies.

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