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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Sep 29, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Wan Dinnie
Written by:
Wan Dinnie
Dilankonkan Oleh, Matheson, Christine.

The Director-writer Wan Dinnie loves to make movies with a strong message. He also likes to work with students in a classroom setting to deliver the desired message. He has used a black background and a red font in Jejakmu similar to Merah.


The film portrays a beautiful relationship between the teacher and a student. It also displays the level of commitment one can have towards her profession of teaching. The cinematic piece is a method by which the director pays homage to all the teachers who relentlessly are busy shaping our future.


This short film follows a nonlinear narrative. It starts with the present timeline and immediately shifts to flashback and returns to the first scene to make the hidden lesson clear to the audience. The storyline is about a notorious student who falls into bad company and gets influenced by some shabby people. It also highlights one incident that proves to be the turning point in the plot and it transforms the pupil with behavioural disorder into a better person. He also decides to become a teacher himself so that the protagonist could contribute to society.


The narration of the short film is well balanced between the fast and slow-paced narrative. It takes considerable time for the viewers to understand and sink in the message the movie tries to convey. The rain scene in the film towards the closure of the short film can have connotations of the tears and the guilt he bears in his heart after the climax of the movie.

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Swati Verma
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