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I Killed Molly Monroe

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 5, 2022

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I Killed Molly Monroe
Directed by:
Richard Anthony Dunford
Written by:
Richard Anthony Dunford
Sacha Firmager, Jamie Langlands, Stephanie Hazel, Antonia Whillans, Sarah Maddocks

A docudrama about the life and subsequent disappearance of model and social media influencer Molly Monroe.


In the middle of the night, on the 4th of November 2013, Molly Monroe (Firmager) went out by herself and has never been seen since. Relatives, friends and acquaintances are being interviewed, speaking about their experiences with her and what kind of a person she is. These people include her mother Mary (Maddocks), her fiance Jonathan (Bellfield), her sister Amelia (Whillans) and her friend Rosie (Hazel). Other individuals include a journalist, a family doctor and a Detective Chief Inspector.


This intriguing web series consists of five episodes, each of which have a duration of approximately twenty minutes. Each episode begins with one of the interviewees inside a police station, being fingerprinted and having their mug shot taken, after which they each confess that they are the one who killed the model. The episode then goes on to explore why that particular individual might had been involved in Molly's disappearance. Every episode contains more or less the same interviewees, although there are a few that appear in just a couple. The end of each episode reveals what the next one will be focusing on and the beginning of an episode revisits what has been covered so far.


Watching this series is kind of like experiencing a mystery crime thriller. With every episode, more and more information is brought to light regarding Molly's character, her relationship with the people around her and the events that took place on the night she vanished. It seems to be up to the viewer to pick up the clues and figure out what took place.


Regarding Molly herself, the kind of person that she is, that is revealed mostly by the interviewees, each of which provide their own account of her, based on experiences. On the surface, she is a decent person, who was successful at her work and had a bright future ahead of her. However, people claim that she has a dark side and is possessive, jealous, unfaithful, vengeful and will not hesitate to get into confrontations, ending up making enemies.


There are plenty of photographs of Molly posing while modelling and there is footage of her relaxing and enjoying herself. There is also CCTV surveillance footage from the night in question and reconstructions od dramatic events. The cinematography by Morgan Andrews looks great and
Gavin Manuel provides a score that is sentimental and sinister, creating the appropriate atmosphere. The montage during the credits is rather creative and the addition of the dramatic music helps set the tone for what follows.


This web series will most likely get the audience's attention, keeping them in suspense regarding Molly's fate. Viewers will be piecing the facts together while they attempt to get to the truth and will be eager for the next episode. With great performances and an effective score, this is an experience that should not be missed.

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Jason Knight
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