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I am

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Sep 1, 2021

Film Reviews
I am
Directed by:
Jamie Fidalgo
Written by:
Jaime Fidalgo
Juan Carlos Parra

The title "I am" teaches the audience the importance of one-self. It shifts its focus to self-love, care and most crucial is to accept yourself as you are. The film also demonstrates that one can be happy in every situation if one chooses to do so. The film also discusses the issue of plastic.


The film takes the viewers through the life of Juan Carlos (Night Guard). He is 40 years old. He takes care of a plastic factory. It also showcases the professional and personal struggles of Juan in life. The factory he works for deals with the type of plastic that is bad for mother-earth. He also informs the public that the management does not care about the well- being of the surroundings. Money is the most crucial asset in their lives. He also talks about the managers discussing the strange codes (Chemical formulae of polythene). These formulae are added to the plastic to make it less harmful to the ocean. The issues further highlighted in the factory are the rising unemployment rate and the salary being low. It makes survival of the employees in the firm difficult.


The director Jaime Fidalgo delves into the protagonist's personal life and brings out the emotional string that binds the audience to the movie. The movie explores the relationship between the father and the lead character. It focuses on how Juan chose to be gay to combat the bad memories of his childhood. Juan has developed the idea that love does not last forever and comes with an expiry date. He does not like being alone but he has found peace in solitude in life. He has even chosen this job to get the environment he desires to learn to live with the emptiness in life.


The cameraman (Raul Insa) uses a wide-shot and mid-shot to establish the person and the location in the film. The camera follows Juan and moves with him as he narrates his ordeal and identifies the few positives of the workplace. The extreme close-up shots give us insight into the painful life of Juan.

At the end of the movie, Juan does not have any regrets and takes immense pride to have fought through all the adversities that life threw at him. Juan wants to make his voice loud enough so that he can reiterate his existence.

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Swati Verma
Swati Verma
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