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How I've Met God

average rating is 3 out of 5


Amber Jackson


Posted on:

Dec 18, 2021

Film Reviews
How I've Met God
Directed by:
German Kuzyura
Written by:
German Kuzyura
Georgia Waehler, Caleb Zuttc, Polina Ustinova

An intriguing and slightly bizarre take on gonzo journalism befits German Kuzyura’s student film How I’ve Met God, featuring a young journalist seeking to uncover an unsolved murder case. Set in a remote small town with minimal leads on the criminal, the journalist tries desperately to understand her attitude to the value of human life and existence.


The protagonist herself commands the film with her performance as a hostile woman who interrogates those she believes may know something about the murder. Her bold and seemingly unfeeling manner creates an immediate hook to the story as the viewer seeks to discover with her. This pairs well with each investigated character, the townspeople, who appear on edge at the surface as if they are trying not to be caught out. However, the plot reveals itself to be more thought-provoking than what you would find in the typical murder mystery genre.


Limited to nearly no score is a deliberate directorial decision on Kuzyura’s behalf and is handled very well. It is effective as the film flits through some scenes and ponders on others, building an unsettling and unpredictable atmosphere in the small town that is secluding a murderous secret. Alongside ominous lighting in the second half of the piece, we feel like we are hanging in the balance between a big reveal and a cliff hanger – and it succeeds when suddenly the tone shifts in intensity.


Ultimately, the most enjoyable part of this short is discovering more about the journalist’s concept of the world. This is matched with how the camera views her quest, as it is very observant with its following shots as if trying to help make sense of her reality unfurling. With copious amounts of confusion and existentialism over life and death, motive comes into question as the journalist is haunted by what she is trying to uncover.


Whilst How I’ve Met God merely scratches the surface, it succeeds in drawing the viewer in. This is a fascinating introspective look into the mind of one woman seeking justice for something that she believes has value.

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