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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 18, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Jillian Vitko
Written by:
Jillian Vitko
Jillian Vitko, Jamie Craib

A young woman makes herself a man out of honey dough.


It is Valentine's Day and Jackie (Vitko) is at home by herself. After chatting with her friend over the phone, she decides to have a snack and comes across a large jar containing honey dough with instructions that if one is feeling lonely, they can create a companion for themselves by cooking the dough. She prepares the dough and magically a handsome young man named Sam (Craib) appears. The two of them have a romantic evening together, having dinner and dancing, however things go downhill later.


This short is an entertaining dark romantic comedy fantasy film that deals with themes of loneliness, romance, finding the right person and of course dough. The atmosphere is rather light-hearted throughout and it also becomes quite romantic. The plot is intriguing and makes the audience wonder how things are going to turn out. Interestingly, the dough itself is said to be purchased by a known shop and Jackie is not shocked or surprised at all when Sam shows up. Although it is hard to believe that anyone would react so naturally to the arrival of a person that was created out of dough, the whole thing still adds to the fun.


Vitko delivers an entertaining performance as a single and cheerful woman who is looking for a bit of romance and Craib does a good job as a charming man who also happens to be made out of dough.


Vitko also worked on the editing and creates well-constructed montage sequences and utilises jump cuts to good effect. Andrew Whitbeck develops music that includes jazz and it accompanies the scenes effectively and there is also a scene that features heavy metal music, making the experience more tense. The use of slow motion adds a comical tone when it is present.


Generally, this multi-award-winning film is about the life of a single woman and her extraordinary attempt to find someone, with humorous and awkward results. It appears to suggest that sometimes relationships do not work out, sometimes people are not who they seem to be and that being single has its advantages.

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Jason Knight
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