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Halloween Obsessed: Haunted Attractions

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 9, 2022

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Halloween Obsessed: Haunted Attractions
Directed by:
Linda Palmer
Written by:
Lisa Morton, Teresa Griffin, Jim Schopf

An enjoyable, informative and spooky documentary about people in the United States who make a living by creating and running haunted attractions.


This forty-minute-long film is an episode of the docuseries Halloween Obsessed, which is a series that explores multiple areas of Halloween and this one explores the passion that people have for horror-themed entertainment locations and yard haunts.


Accompanied by narration from Antonio D. Charity, the audience is introduced to several places that have been converted into awesome horror attractions thanks to hard-working, dedicated, creative and equally awesome individuals with a passion for a good scare.


There are numerous interviewees and they include author Lisa Morton and the founders of several attractions that are explored in the documentary. The interviewees share their knowledge and experience and explain why they do what they do, what motivated them to create these attractions and how they did it.


The documentary also explains the history of haunted attractions, how it began and how it ended up becoming as popular as it is today.


The creative (and terrifying) attractions that are seen here are various and some of them are the Field of Screams, the Wraith House and The Enchanted Parlour. They all look fantastic and clearly had a great deal of work and creativity put into them. There are plenty of horror-related elements to be seen, including the interior of darkened, creepy buildings, fake graves, fake body parts and jack-o'-lanterns. The attractions are also supported by lighting effects that aim to develop a scary atmosphere.


Props and constructed scenery aside, these places benefit significantly by the actors who dress up as horror monsters of all sorts and make sure that the visitors have an exciting and frightening experience. Dressed in torn, bloodstained clothing and wearing makeup, the actors impersonate murderous lunatics and there are many of them to be seen.


The score that Chris Wirsig provides sounds creepy and frightening and it is quite appropriate and a great addition to the film.


This is an interesting and entertaining documentary that offers an intriguing insight into the world of haunted attractions and the people who manage to make a living by operating them. It is an experience that will most likely appeal to individuals who enjoy haunted attractions, Halloween and spooky stuff in general.

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Jason Knight
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