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Fck’n Nuts

average rating is 4 out of 5


Chris Buick


Posted on:

Feb 24, 2024

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Fck’n Nuts
Directed by:
Sam Fox
Written by:
Sam Fox
Maddie Nichols, Vincent Stalba, William E. Harris, Michele Rossi

Hapless Dan is hopelessly in love with the helpless Sandy, who for reasons yet unclear, is desperate to warn Dan away from wanting to be with her. But Dan is convinced that it’s true love, and unexpectedly turns up at her house to declare it so, and so Sandy finally accedes to his pleading and allows Dan to come inside the house and meet her parents.


Fck’n Nuts is a beautifully batshit film made with clear affection for its genre and by a team with a desire to create brilliantly entertaining movies. The film absolutely nails its authentic 80s B movie horror vibes, firstly with its wonderful aesthetic that pops effortlessly right from the off and then couples that with Scratch Massive’s perfectly placed synth score; it’s single opening shot alone generates not just genuine excitement for what’s about to come but makes us fearful of it as well thanks to a very insidious eeriness that settles deep in your soul almost immediately.


And then once it has you, Fck’n Nuts slowly and surely drags you deeper and deeper into this increasingly unsettling but entirely captivating homage to B horror. Every step and note and line (shout out to the one about wine that is so subtle yet killer) has purpose which is to hammer home that unsettling feeling more and more as you attempt to figure out where you might be being led to, some of it is misdirection, some of it’s just for vibes, and for some the end might be obvious (the clues are all there) but whether you know or not doesn’t matter, the culmination of all the shining hard work done here will definitely pay off for most if not everyone.


Both Nichols and Stalba also deserve special mention for not just their commitment, but in also giving this crazy premise some grounding in a sense of realism, rounding off these well-written characters to make them feel truly complete and believable despite the ridiculous circumstances with their highly commendable performances. And for the body horror fans, you’re in luck, because Fck’n Nuts has got you covered. It seems like the idea here was to push limits and really gross out in its big set piece and it does, and while it looks great and feels impactful for sure, for those of a bit more sensitive disposition, it might actually be a wee bit too much as it’s a sequence that maybe goes on just a tad longer than it needs to, those few minutes feeling a bit like a rollercoaster that has stopped being fun and you just want to get off. But that’s more a matter of taste than a criticism per se, more of a pre-warning perhaps than anything else.


With a handful of well-deserved awards to its name, Fck’n Nuts is a truly fun watch that showcases not just the immense talent of writer/director Sam Fox, but pretty much the gamut of everyone involved in its production.

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