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Family Drama

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 12, 2023

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Family Drama
Directed by:
Keon Martial-Phillip
Written by:
Daniel Glenn-Barbour
Keon Martial-Phillip, Kayley Rainton, Tiffany Thomas

A young couple face the challenges that are caused by the disapproval of their relatives regarding their relationship.


The film begins with Emilia (Rainton) storming out of the house where her partner's mother lives. Emilia got into an altercation with her and her partner Amani (Phillip) has followed her, hoping to calm things down. The two of them discuss what happened and how they each have trouble getting along with each other's family.


This short drama has a plot that is basically the aftermath of a quarrel and the majority of the narrative explores the problems the couple have due to their interracial relationship. Emilia is caucasian and Amani is black and Amani's mother and sister dislike white-skinned people and Emilia's father does not think much of people of colour. The couple discuss how they feel about how their relationship is viewed by others and there is plenty of arguing and drama, however, the screenplay also explores the couple's tender relationship and makes it clear that they are happy together and are determined to remain so.


The film includes a montage that is accompanied by a song and it reveals the history of the couple's joyful relationship. The montage is well-constructed and makes effective use of dissolve techniques and by watching it one understands how happy the two of them are together and that they will not let anything get between them.


There are some great aerial shots of buildings and the soundtrack consists of several rap songs.


Generally, this short focuses on problems people can have in their relationship, particularly if the relationship is interracial. The story deals with disapproval, racism, romance, family values and reconciliation and with the interesting subjects that it explores and good acting, this film offers a thoughtful viewing.

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