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Fall On Me

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 3, 2022

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Fall On Me
Directed by:
Isaac F. Davis
Written by:
Isaac F. Davis
Francis C. Edemobi, Ashley Fuller

A New York City couple struggle to determine whether they are right for each other.


This is a romantic drama about Atticus (Edemobi) and Ava (Fuller), who have been in a relationship for several months and things between them begin to fall apart as they each try to understand their emotions and find out whether they have found the love of their life.


This emotional story is split into three chapters, each with its own title. The screenplay reveals the tender and loving relationship of the couple and the feelings they have for each other and themselves. The two of them have deep conversations about how things are going between them, they walk around New York and generally seem happy together.


There are scenes that are imaginative and bring the viewer into the mind of the two protagonists. These scenes are quite dramatic and show how the person is feeling and the inner struggles that they deal with.


Both Fuller and Edemobi do a fantastic job with their moving performances, playing a couple whose relationship is taking a dramatic turn due to uncertainty regarding who they are and what they want. The two of them also provide dramatic voice-over.


As the director, Davis does a great job and creates wonderful establishing shots of New York City, capturing some of its most famous locations, including Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. Davis also worked on the editing and develops methodical montage sequences. There is also effective use of slow motion that helps generate drama.


Shiro Sagisu makes a remarkable contribution with the outstanding score. The music is powerful and dynamic at times, at others it is gentle and romantic. With beautiful piano and violin melodies, it builds up a great deal of emotions.


As the director of photography, Luis Hernandez develops terrific cinematography and there are some rather creative lighting techniques.


This romantic and poignant short film explores themes of romance, self-worth, inner struggles, honesty and self-discovery. It is very well made, has strong acting and looks into issues that many people who are in a relationship will probably identify with.

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