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Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 5, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Junayed Alavi
Written by:
Junayed Alavi
Shiraj Podder, Rocky Singh, Asha Mondal

The writer-director Junayed Alavi has constructed the script around one event with stories unfolding in different timelines. This science fiction drama offers various subplots that the audiences relate to and thus increases the degree of their engagement with it.

The plot of the cinematic piece revolves around 4 men with very different purposes in life bought together at one place by destiny.

The cinematographer Jewel Siddiki captures the calmness, simplicity, and surreal vibes of each timeline with the apt set design, colour palette, costume, makeup, and hair. The switch from one era to another is very smooth and it does not break the continuity of the creative piece. The tracking shot and mid-shot used by the cinematographer and the background music give the viewers a sense of being involved and get them excited for the climax of the film. The dialogues and conversations taking place are kept natural and light humour has been included to provide some comic relief to its audience. The treatment of this short film is natural and raw so that it appeals to the masses and thus the movie gets maximum views on YouTube.


In terms of performance, Shiraj Poddar plays Kartik who wants to get married to his ladylove but he is struggling with unemployment issues; yet he is optimistic about the situation. Poddar portrays the pain, the helplessness of not being able to fulfil his duties towards Pooja effortlessly.

Rocky Singh is Tony the gangster who is tired of living a routine life and wants some thrill. Singh depicts the sense of disappointment and failure he has with himself and the police with utmost honesty.

Asha Mondal plays the role of Pooja. She is a strong girl who knows how to stand for her rights and dreams. Mondal is the right casting choice for the part. Asha picks up the nuances of her character and represents a true meaning of woman empowerment in the film.


The theme of the film eventually is all about being hopeful towards life, no matter what life throws at us. The movie tells about the crucial role of destiny which proves to be a guide towards a better future. The film highlights social issues like unemployment, crime, and woman empowerment; these topics do hold relevance even today. It talks about the importance of young people to make our motherland stronger in every sense so that India can also prove its worth in front of its counterparts.


The choice of song by the filmmaker at the concluding moments is very apt for the film as it keeps the audience hooked in the suspense which is going to unfold at the climax of the film.

The sci-fi element in the film is used smartly so it does not overpower the message the movie wants to communicate to the audience.


As an ardent follower of cinema, I feel there are many loopholes that the director needs to address which would allow the audience to get answers to the question the movie raises in their mind.


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Swati Verma
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