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Dweller of the Twilight Void

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 14, 2023

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Dweller of the Twilight Void
Directed by:
Peter Dorn-Ravlin
Written by:
Peter Dorn-Ravlin
Sherill Quinn, Alex Gibney, Caitlin Morse

A sinister supernatural force is taking control of people and causing murder and chaos.


This short horror film wastes no time in terms of revealing what it is all about, opening with a troubled man in a bathroom, a bloodied knife in his hand, the sink filled with gore and teeth, a message on the mirror written in blood and ominous voices from unseen entities.


The plot concerns Darren (Gibney), the man in the bathroom, who may or may not be a mass murderer. Murders are taking place around the area and he is the main suspect. He has some sort of ability that enables him to see into the future, however it is also a curse, as it involves terrifying and murderous beings from another world. Darren is now in a house that belongs to April (Quinn), who has the same otherworldly power and attempts to explain things to her, as she is unaware of the situation and dangers that surround her.


This is basically a ghost story that deals with possession and contains brutal murders and demonic beings. Almost the entire narrative takes place inside April's property, with her interacting with Darren and the phantoms making their appearance. These apparitions are one of two things that stand out here. There are three or four of them, they have a human form, wear dark clothing and their faces are monstrous, one having a white mask and another a severely damaged face. They appear in the dark and speak English, but with voices that sound demonic. The other thing that stands out is the violence. Eyes are gouged, a heart is torn out and there are stabbings and dismemberments and all this is quite graphic and gruesome thanks to the obvious hard work from the makeup department.


The lighting techniques are creative throughout and are supported by Steve Ritchie and Kellen Lim's moody cinematography. The sound effects deserve to be acknowledged, as they are vivid and include sinister whispers and the sickening sound of flesh being torn. The tense score adds to the dreadful atmosphere.


This short is a decent supernatural horror film. The acting is not very convincing and the film might be relying too much on blood and guts in order to have an effect, instead of focusing on having a richer story. Nevertheless, horror fans will probably appreciate this spooky and gory viewing.

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Jason Knight
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