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Doubt Buys The Whiskey

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 2, 2023

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Doubt Buys The  Whiskey
Directed by:
Radi Nikolov
Written by:
Radi Nikolov
Doug Cockle

The writer-director Radi Nikolov with his intricate script showcases the journey of Edward Moore (Doug Cockle) who continues to feel the pressure to perform as a stand-up comedian and also the struggle to combat and survive the competition to stay relevant.


The plot of Doubt Buys The Whiskey revolves around a comedian summoning the physical manifestation of his doubt who challenges the change in their relationship. After a tete-a tete regarding his past and ultimately his future, Doubt leaves Edward with a reinvigorated stance.


The camera pans into the scene quickly shifting to a tracking shot as the cinematographer Will Wallace wants to directly take the audience into the movie where Moore is performing with scarce presence of spectator talks a lot about his love, commitment, determination, and dedication towards the art he believes in. The filmmaker utilises the combination of black, blue, red and pink colours to create contrast and depict the various emotions the leading man is going through an attempt to provide depth so that the content appeals to the viewers therefore increasing audience engagement with it. The makers have also given the physical manifestation of doubt of Edward Moore funny get-ups to add the comic as well as dramatic element to the same. The set-design, dim lighting, background music, dialogue, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been kept simple as well as natural to provide a sense of realism and relatability with the subject matter of the film.


In terms of performance, Doug Cockle plays Edward Moore who loves to entertain people with his comic gags but he starts not believing in himself and the result of the same shows in the fall in quality of the jokes. The actor efficiently portrays the range of emotions right from sadness, disappointment, self-doubt, anger. The body language, voice modulation, facial expression and the eyes help Cockle interact with the audience thus giving them a chance to feel involved with the character at an emotional level also delivering very important life lessons making it a learning experience for them.

Doug Cockle also plays the role of Doubt who gives Moore a reality check and also motivates him to steer his life towards a happier and creatively satisfying future in regards to choosing to be an artist. Cockle through his diverse acting capabilities and skills he gives the audience a new and a fresh perspective to age old concept of having genuine conversations with one’s conscience.


Doubt Buys The Whiskey talks about the important role of alcohol in ruining ones career and the overdependence on the same can also negatively impact other aspects and aspirations people have in life. The short film reiterates the significance of the need of validation from others but in reality, it gives a message to its audience they should always use the weapon of confidence trying to combat self-doubt as they should be careful about not giving any stranger the authority to judge or right to be responsible for the happiness of the individual in both the professional as well as the personal space.

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