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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 20, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Girish Majethiya
Written by:
Girish Majethiya
Girish Majethiya, Akshay Borude

The red colour used for the title of the short film-Decision has connotations of life, danger, and anger. The writer-director Girish Majethiya explores the effect of an impulsive decision taken by the protagonist Ashitoush Takkar (Girish Majethiya). The red bluish colour palette and the music elevate the drama and thriller in the storyline.


The plot of the movie revolves around a boy named Ashitoush who has been busy with his research work for years now and it has turned out to be a successful project. He has submitted it to the concerned institute and is eagerly waiting for a quick and positive response from their side.


The use of mid and close up and extreme close-up shots covers the emotional turmoil Ashitoush goes through during the running time of the film. Time-lapse and flashback are utilized by the DOP Rushi Pinjari to establish the relationship between Ashitoush and Akash (Akshay Borude). The lighting, costume, and makeup are kept simple, and the actors chosen for the role are not well known. This was done to make the content more relatable to the audience so that they promise to deal with the underlying social message of issue of suicide, which the movie is trying to communicate to the viewers, with more awareness and care.


In terms of performance, Girish Majethiya plays the role of Ashitoush Takkar. The actor portrays the difficulties of facing failure and the fear of not being able to keep up with the expectations from society so aptly. The voice modulation by the actor is an important element that helps the audience recognizes the switch in the mood of the movie.

Akshay Borude is Akash who is the strongest support system of Ashitoush as Takkar is trying to prove his worth to everyone around him. Borude only had a small yet significant part to play in the narrative of the film. Akshay Borude effortlessly showcases the physical and mental hardships the family and friends have to face when they only have the option of helplessly accepting the pain of losing a loved one.


Decision-the film, highlights the fact that there is a solution hidden within the problem; it is just about putting in the time and effort to find the same. Gratitude is a must-have quality which will help to become successful in life. It is good to thrive for success in life but success shouldn’t be achieved at the cost of losing life. The short film encourages its audience to deal with the difficult days with calm and be ready for the new twist in life.


I liked the determination of Girish Majethiya to make this movie and spread awareness despite facing a lot of challenges in terms of limited resources. The young filmmaker proved that it is all about creating opportunities to work upon and come up with a cinematic piece that is beneficial for the betterment of the community. The treatment of the subject matter of the film is very basic and realistic; it increases the degree of audience engagement with the film.


The only flaw in the movie is that the makers should work on the quality of subtitles as it makes the film difficult to follow for those who don’t understand the language.

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