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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 25, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Blessing Egbe
Written by:
Blessing Egbe
Raquel Appiah, Tim Cullingworth-Hudson, Ade Bello

A Nigerian woman living in Britain decides to leave her husband once she is granted British citizenship.


Chidinma (Appiah) is married to Josh (Hudson) and they have a daughter. After Chidinma receives a letter informing her that her application to become a British citizen has been accepted, she tells Josh that once that is done, she will leave him and he is upset about that. It is revealed that Chidinma has been seeing another man, Timi (Bello), behind Josh's back and plans to start a new life with him. However, Josh is not willing to let things go.


This short film begins as a drama about separation, then moves on to romance before turning into a thriller. A marriage of convenience ends up having bad consequences and things get out of control. Chidinma married Josh in order to remain in Britain and now that she is to become a citizen and live with Timi, Josh is furious with her, as he feels that she just used him in order to get what she wanted. The screenplay explores the happiness that Chidinma is pursuing and how that happiness is threatened by Josh's anger. The main concept is a person's desire for a new life and the consequences they are facing due to the means by which they chose to get that life. There is romance and tender moments and there is heavy drama and tension.


Hudson's character is the one who moves the plot forward the most, as it is he who creates confrontation and serves as the antagonist and Hudson does a great job in making Josh appear menacing and dangerous. Appiah does a decent job as a person who is pursuing her dreams and Bello also plays his part well.


The composer is Juwon Johnson, who develops a score that effectively accompanies the atmosphere of the scenes, as sometimes it is dramatic and sometimes it is tense and dynamic.


This film uses immigration, marriage of convenience and adultery in order to tell a story and the result is a tense thriller that grabs the viewer's attention and maintains it right until the devastating ending.

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Jason Knight
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