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Blunt Instrument

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 20, 2022

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Blunt Instrument
Directed by:
Matthew Hill
Written by:
Matthew Hill
Rose Muirhead, Marcus McSorley

A young woman helps a man whose car has broken down. However, something does not seem quite right.


A man (McSorley) is driving by himself in the countryside. Suddenly, the car malfunctions and stops. He grabs a guitar case and proceeds to walk away, when another car approaches and a woman named Scarlett (Muirhead) offers to assist him. The man reluctantly agrees and introduces himself as 'Guy'. The two of them end up having a conversation and Guy claims that he is a musician and that he is on his way to a concert although it becomes apparent that he might not be telling the truth.


This is a short thriller that mixes suspense with tension and drama, all of which develop due to the conversation between the two protagonists. As Scarlett helps Guy with his car, things get emotional as they get to know each other and share personal painful experiences with each other, such as the loss of a loved one and crying in front of a crowd. As they talk, more and more clues come to light that indicate that Guy may not be who he says he is and there is a constant fear that Scarlett's life might be in danger.


McSorley is enigmatic and menacing as a strange individual who appears to be lying about who he is and what he is up to. He comes across as reserved and unsociable and is reluctant to talk about himself. However, he does reveal a tender side when he speaks to Scarlett about a bad experience he had after she talks to him about a devastating loss she suffered recently. Muirhead plays a friendly and helpful person who is kind to Guy, although she supsects that Guy may not be honest with her. Both leads deliver very convincing performances.


Another strong aspect is the music by Giuseppe Alfano. The score is rather sinister and gives the impression that something terrible is going to happen.


This is a suspenful and dramatic story about an individual who may or may not be up to no good. The script contains well-written dialogue and it will probably be quite intriguing for the audience as they attempt to figure out who Guy is and what he is up to. It is an experience that is worth pursuing.

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Jason Knight
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