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Beyond Time

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 7, 2023

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Beyond Time
Directed by:
David Wayman
Written by:
Alan Anthony
Louise Lee, Alan Anthony

A man and a woman meet at a memorial and look back on their shared past.


The film begins with Jessica (Lee) contemplating her life. Then, Nate (Anthony) arrives at a monument, where he places flowers. Soon he is joined by Jessica and it becomes apparent that they know each other and that something tragic took place in the past.


This short is quite emotional and it deals with the aftermath of a tragedy. The screenplay is very well structured and it is structured in a way that it is not clear what is going on, until the dramatic plot twist in the end. Jessica and Nate are alone at a peaceful environment and they walk together and talk about the time that they shared and it is indicated that they used to be a couple. Nate appears to be saddened by something, while Jessica is more cheerful and tries to reassure Nate that things are fine. The conflict appears to be that Nate wants to be with Jessica, however that is not possible. Things get further complicated by the sound of a voice whispering 'Jessica' every time a significant moment occurs, preventing the moment to continue. The ending reveals that this is a story about a person who has suffered a loss and are now struggling with their emotions.


The film benefits immensely by the performances of Lee and Anthony who are both superb in their roles.


Another highlight is the music, which includes beautiful and melancholic piano melodies that create a dramatic atmosphere and the voice-over contributes to that effect. There are also some terrific overhead shots that add significant value.


This short is a moving story about a troubled individual who is trying to find some conclusion following a loss. The dialogue, acting and score make this film an emotional experience that explores loss, grief and finding the strength to move on.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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