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Between the Lines

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 31, 2022

Film Reviews
Between the Lines
Directed by:
Dom Lee
Written by:
Dom Lee
Alex Stewart, Naomi Richards, Tim McGill, Adam Kurton

The golden font used for the title of the short film has connotations of success, achievement, triumph, and power all the elements required by the lead character Jane (Alex Stewart) to accomplish the task at hand. The writer-director Dom Lee along with composer Grace Hancock presents a well-knitted musical with comedy to provide the audience with both entertainment and lessons that is essential for growth in life.


The plot of the movie revolves around a shy book lover Jane who is unexpectedly tasked with having to pitch to save her beloved local library from closure but help arrives in a surprising form.


The short film opens with a black screen with Jane reading a book aloud in the background. The cinematographers Adam Sweetman, Michael Gimenez, and Timmy Hodgson capture Jane by utilizing the close-up shot giving the message to the viewers to look for the meaning that is implied rather than explicitly stated. They also use echoing voices and thunderstorms to specify some unexpected news and also underline a few fears of the female protagonist so that the audience understands and relates to her journey of overcoming the same. The set design, white and grey colour pallet, lighting, dialogues, costume, makeup, music, and dance complement the genre of comedy and also uplift the upbeat and fun musical. The filmmaker showcases a sense of urgency by focusing the camera on the clock's ticking sound and using the self talk aspect effectively.


In terms of performance, Alex Stewart plays Jane who loves books and goes out of her comfort zone to safeguard her favourite library. Stewart portrays various emotions with her expressions, body language, and voice modulation to communicate what Jane is feeling in every situation.

Naomi Richards as Alice is a treat to watch. Alice is the owner of the library and is also friends with Jane who support each other in times of need. Richards through her acting skills tends to grab all the attention of the audience in all the scenes the actress features in.

Tim McGill plays the role of councillor/Dracula. He is the antagonist of the film trying to be in the good books of the management. McGill through his high base voice, laughter, and sarcasm communicates that the councillor would do anything that benefits him and not care about anyone else.


Between the Lines talks about the importance of books and also how the library can help imbibe knowledge for a better future. The short film educates its audience about the necessity of two key tools knowledge and self-belief to beat the demons of fear and anxiety. The musical also tells the viewers that life is very unpredictable so one should always be ready to face what it throws at them. The comedy piece reiterates the fact that music and imagination can become a source of courage and motivation to emerge victorious through difficulties. Between the Lines educates the audience regarding the use of the right words to express as it can be more effective in turning a particular situation in one's favour.

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