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Patrick Foley


Posted on:

Dec 4, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alessandro Amaduci
Written by:
Alessandro Amaducci
Paul Roux

The music video for Paul Roux’s Bapteme artistically and imaginatively captures the essence of connection. With a futuristic setting that matches the electronic soundscapes the artist operates with, this video is well-suited to accompanying the new track.


The video loosely follows an astronaut as they explore a desolate, abandoned city seemingly made of stacked-up records. The astronaut travels in zero-gravity through this strange, sometimes intimidating world, and eventually meets a partner who they initiate a connection with. This connection brings new life and colour to the world as the pair embrace.


Bapteme’s video is interpretive, and as with all music videos, designed to emphasise the song rather than any great plotline. Using impressive visuals, the video is a treat to watch, and matches the song’s tone. Electronic music can be tailored to many emotions – and here it is clear that the importance of contact, forging relationships and communication is what the artist seeks to embolden with his music. The video envisages this without awkwardly inserting a complex or distracting plotline.


The visual effects themselves work well and look crisp, slick and convincing. The video is designed to look robotic and otherworldly – with crackling static embroidered into the design of the bizarre city, and a digital space background bringing a definite sense of unease to the astronaut’s adventure – with the danger of floating away into nothingness an ever-present threat. Mostly in black and white, the film intentionally mixes the futuristic and the distant past to place the events in an uncertain timeline – possibly at the creation of a new world or after the destruction of an old one.


The actual music is allowed to dictate the video’s events, with the repetitive beats convalescing their own momentum and grabbing directly into the listener’s chest. With electronic music particularly designed to be shared with others, the normally-solitary act of watching and examining a music video tends to run in countenance to this. But Bapteme’s is visually interesting enough to fit-in should it be required at a dance event or anywhere else it may be required. Even brief glimpses of the film are attention grabbing and dynamic enough to supplement its pulsating music.


So whilst the Bapteme’s track is interesting enough alone, fans of Paul Roux and the electronic genre in general should check out the interesting music video and appreciate the imaginative work in bringing the crafted beats to life.

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Patrick Foley
Patrick Foley
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