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A Trillion Miles West of Bradford

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 18, 2022

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A Trillion Miles West of Bradford
Directed by:
Hamish Robertson
Written by:
Hamish Robertson
Craig Andrew Mooney, Chris McLeish

A grieving young man discovers a way to travel to a parallel universe with the intention of locating his partner, who was killed in a car crash.


One night, inside an empty home, there is suddenly a quick flash of light and Ricky (Mooney) appears out of nowhere. He is breathing hard and is wearing a peculiar electronic device on his forearm. Shortly after, Adam (McLeish) arrives, who lives in the property and is shocked to find Ricky there. Ricky has managed to travel here from another dimension, in which he and Adam were a couple and after Adam tragically died, Ricky was unable to cope and decided to find a way to be with Adam again. However, Ricky only has approximately ten minutes before he will likely disappear and return to his own world.


This short science fiction drama tells an interesting and moving story that deals with loss, death, grief, love and finding the strength to move on. After a slow and mysterious beginning, the narrative goes on to introduce the situation and things get more and more dramatic as the two men have a conversation, tell each other how they feel and more tragic events are revealed. Ricky is desperate to be with Adam again while Adam does not share his perspective.


Both protagonists deliver rather dramatic performances and are very convincing as two people who meet under quite extraordinary circumstances and go through a great deal of strong emotions. The pain and struggle they are going through is clearly visible on their faces.


Shooting was done in black-and-white and Jakub Sirkowski's cinematography creates a melancholic atmosphere that goes well with the scenes. Robertson's script contains dramatic dialogue that explores the characters well and the directing is good and includes well-executed long takes.


Jacob Aigner Reid develops a score that is dramatic and includes sounds of violin and piano and it is a composition that accompanies the images effectively.


This film is heavy on emotions and revolves around losing a loved one and the idea of having a second chance. The plot is intriguing, the acting is strong and it offers a moving experience.

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Jason Knight
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