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A Manchester Story

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 31, 2022

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A Manchester Story
Directed by:
Anton Arenko
Written by:
Figen Murray, Clint Boon, Michael Cox, Dr. Cath Hill, Adam Lawler

A powerful, moving and inspiring documentary about the generous and courageous contributions and achievements that people in Manchester completed, following the devastating attack that was carried out by a suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena on the 22 of May 2017, shortly after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande had taken place.


Basically, the structure of this documentary consists of several individuals being interviewed. These individuals consist of people who where deeply affected by the terrible event, some of which where present at the arena when the explosion occurred. These people explain how their life was affected by the attack and how they were motivated them to take action and do things that will help their community and these include organising an event involving hundreds of bikers, making sure that traumatised survivors get the support they need, setting up a choir called the 'Manchester Survivors Club' and tatooing images of the Machester Bee on people. These actions were done with the intention of honoring the ones who lost their life because of the incident and to show that the city of Manchester has not been broken by the event and that the people who live there are strong, united and able to overcome destructive events and their aftermath.


Some of the interviewees include Eve Senior, a young dancer who was severely injured and was determined to dance again. Michael Cox, a biker who helped organise a massive gathering of bikers for strength and support, Figen Murray, who lost her son Martyn Hett due to the incident and decided to do her part in making security tighter at public events and tattoo artist Sam Barber, who started spreading tattoos of the Manchester worker bee, which is an emblem of the city and represents unity. All the interviewees come across as friendly, caring and intelligent and it is emotional listening to their stories and they also show that they are determined to be strong and help others.


Aside from the interviews, there is also footage of crowds attending events, paying tribute to the victims and footage of the interior of the arena during that fateful night. There are photographs of some of the victims, the interviewees and of people participating in events such as the choir and motorcycle event and many photos of the Machester Bee, either as a sticker or a tattoo.


Tris Dunn does an amazing contribution with the beautiful and dynamic score, which provides a melancholic atmosphere and a feeling of hope.


This documentary reveals the power of the human spirit. It introduces the viewer to some hard-working and warm-hearted individuals, whose refusal to let a terrible tragedy bring them and their community to their knees and whose determination to help, move forward and make a difference proved that love, spirit and unity prevail. This viewing is highly recommended.

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Jason Knight
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