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A Day In The Life

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 16, 2022

Film Reviews
A Day In The Life
Directed by:
Nick Gatsby
Written by:
Yung Simmie, Gypsy Ganja, Jonny Hopkins

A short documentary about American rapper Yung Simmie.


With a duration of just over three minutes, this is quite a brief experience and a creative one. The main idea is to present events that take place during one of the days of the music artist's Denver tour. The film is separated into chapters, each with its own title. It begins with a photo shoot inside a house, where the model is a young woman, who poses in a variety of underwear during the shoot. She has a lot of tattoos, smokes a cigar and poses mostly in front of a television that is turned on. The film then moves on to Yung Simmie, the main subject of the documentary. He is seeing socialising with some people, dealing with cigars and having a laugh, before finally ending up doing a live performance in front of a crowd.


From start to finish, a rap song by Yung Simmie is heard, making the viewing feel more like a music video than a documentary, which is not a bad thing as it provides an insight into his rapping skills and fans of rap will most likely enjoy listening to it.


The cinematography looks great and there are parts that appear like home footage, with the image looking damaged. The filmmakers make impressive use of split screen techniques and the camera movement is creative.


For the easily-offended, it should be mentioned that the lyrics include profanity.


This documentary could be viewed as a music video that provides an insight into the world of rap music culture. It does not provide many information regarding Yung Simmie, except that he is a talented rapper. Nevertheless, fans of the singer and rap music should find this an enjoyable experience.

About the Film Critic
Jason Knight
Jason Knight
Short Film, Documentary, Music Video
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