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average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 12, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Chris Carter
Written by:
Chris Carter
Chris Carter, Robin Fletcher, Kenyawn Whosain Grant, Kim Williams

A police officer is determined to seek justice for the murder of his colleague.


A cop named Blue is tormented by the death of his friend and fellow officer, who was killed by criminals. Devastated by his loss and feeling partly responsible, he sets out to find the perpetrators by any means necessary. He gives money to outlaws for information and pays people who work in law enforcement in order to help him track down the ones responsible. By doing so, he puts himself in danger and his superiors disapprove of his behaviour.


This short is the first episode from the second season of the 803 TV series. The story deals with personal trauma, loss, the desire to get even, the way police officers collaborate with each other, the importance of upholding the law and provides an insight into the underworld, with one nasty scene showing the consequences of failing to do a good job. The narrative also suggests the necessity of coming to terms with the past and moving forward.


Officer Blue comes across as an intelligent, well-meaning person, whose obsession with bringing his partner's killers to justice seems to have taken over his life. Regardless of the warnings and threats, he is stubborn in his goal. The acting is generally OK, with convincing performances of individuals working in law enforcement and criminals.


The soundtrack consists of Rap and R'n'B tracks and music that is dramatic and tense, indicating danger and threat.


Basically this is a murder-revenge crime story. After an exciting start involving shooting and hand-to-hand combat, things calm down, resulting in conversations that are primarily about Blue's actions. Although the plot is generally interesting, it moves away from the more promising beginning. Nevertheless, it will likely make the viewer watch the next episode to find out how things unfold.

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