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Nishit Kunal
Jan 05, 2018
In Film Reviews
First thing first, kindly watch this if you have a thing for sci-fi. As per many news media outlets, Blade Runner has been declared a flop. Please, please and please, kindly ignore those tabloids and watch it at your own accord. The movie like many Denis Villeneuve movies is a visual treat. Breathtakingly stunning and every frame producing it's own distinct piece of beauty something which will make you sit up and marvel at the imaginations of few individuals and their ability to draw them out on the screen with such panache. Deakins probably has sent a clear message that anything less than an Oscar nomination will be a complete shame. Not to forget the special effects and the background score (Zimmer) which were equally brilliant. As far as the story is concerned, I honestly could never figure out what to say about it. Not the best storyline I came across but to say that it's bad will be purely insulting the sanctity involved behind the making of this film which in every word needs to be respected . In the end it was equally difficult to look for any reasons to think about any flaws because it did cross the level of magnificent it was expected to scale. It was equally difficult to sit down and look for flaws and even if there was any, take the liberty to brand it with any negative adjectives. Nevertheless, on a personal level, I would be lying if I wouldn't say that BR2049 is hands down one of the best movies of 2017 and probably a work which might have set a certain barometer for Villeneuve for eclipse in future. The movie is close to 3 hours long and extremely heavy in nature. As mentioned earlier that unless you are a fan of Sci first kindly stay away as there is a huge chance that you might leave the hall early, something I saw many others doing during my three hours spent in the theatre. Ryan Gosling is brilliant and undoubtedly is the major player who carries the film forward very well. Jared Leto is under utilized and felt should have been used more, but he probably is the trump card for the director as he may set out to make another sequel. Is it as good as its prequel? The 1982 movie was a landmark movie in its own right and hence it will be a sin to compare it. The current one is beautiful in its own manner and deserves to be put in a bracket of its own. PS- Kindly watch the prequel before you watch this one. On a scale of 5 my rating would be a 3.5/5.