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Hello there, my name is Alessio Iliceto and I am starting a career as a movie critic. As you can detect from the name, I am indeed Italian but have lived for several years in the US, thus I am completely bi-lingual. The fact that I have lived in two different countries, defined by two completely different cinematic styles, gives me a wider perspective when analysing movies, with an out-the-box approach. I have actively participated as a jury member/movie critic in numerous film events, for example: the Fiuggi Film Festival, “Schemi d’Amore” Verona film festival and the World famous Venice Biennale Film Festival. I have met World famous producers, film makers and actors, for example: in 2020 in the 77th edition of the Biennale Film Festival of Venice, I had the opportunity to interview the director of a movie in competition that I highly rated: Quo Vadis Aida. In addition to having studied the history, the production and editing of movies by attending workshops held by Filippo Tommasoli, Alberto Rizzi and the film director Marco Segato, I have vigorously taken part in one of the Ahora Film Production and Distribution projects, directed by Marco Pollini. I am very proud of my first short film titled “Not Just an Orange”, along with the different descriptive writing stories and film scripts that I have written.

Besides my involvement in cinema, I simultaniously obtained two high school diplomas, one from the US and the other from Italy, won the “La Leonessa di Brescia” Poetry Contest, played as Tybalt from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the “Teatro Satiro Off”, participated in a robotics contest held by “STMicroelectronics” where my team's project ranked first in the nation and won the renewable energy contest “We Are Energy - Enel”. I enjoy playing the violin that I initially learnt at the Verona Music Conservatory and I am part of the Verona cycling team Gaiga.

As for my working experience, I have been an intern in the Information-Technology sector of Falck Renewables Company in Milan and, currently, am a English teacher for international students preparing for the IELTS exam.