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I am a third-year student of History and French at the University of Oxford, currently living and working abroad in France. At university I spend most of my time reading, discussing and writing about French literature, particularly my favourite authors: Montaigne, Diderot and Flaubert.

Beside my academic interests, I love to create stories, plays and short films (mostly with a collage/pop-art feel to them). I often draw upon the techniques used by some of my favourite film directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Wes Anderson and Takeshi Kitano.

When it comes to cinema, I enjoy films of all genres. I’ve always loved discussing movies, and – thanks to the UK Film Review – I have now been handed the golden opportunity to put my thoughts on film into words.

Although my list is always changing, my five favourite films at the moment are Before Sunrise (1995), Rashomon (1950), Somersault (2004), Kikujiro (1999) and Beau Travail (1999).