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Podcast Ad

Podcast Ad


Do you have something our Podcast listeners should know about? Maybe it's your film festival - a call for entries or to sell tickets? Or maybe you have a new film out on Amazon Prime and want people to check it out?


With a Podcast Ad, we will insert a clip of your choice - up to 120 seconds - to help with your promotion. Our film podcast goes out on all major Podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can choose a particular UKFR Show that you wish the ad to be added into, or we can allocate the next available one for you.


The ad placement may vary in terms of where in the episode it shows. This may be at the beginning, middle, or end of an episode depending on the ad space available.


Please note: we reserve the right to reject your ad if we deem it to be inappropriate to our listeners or offensive. The promotion does not include any media on our end, you are responsible for providing the audio clip which must be supplied to us in a mp3 or WAV file format.

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