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Winners of Shakespeare Shorts Film competition announced

Organized by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, with actor and director Sir Kenneth Branagh as its patron and judge, the Shakespeare Shorts Film Festival returns for its 2020 event, entirely held online, with another bumper crop of films inspired by the Bard. Among the judges also BBC FILMS producer Rebecca Dobbs.

This year’s competition attracted almost 200 entries. The 13 films selected in the 2020 edition

represent several countries including the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Spain and Iran.

As Kenneth Branagh said: "Congratulations to all these wonderfully talented filmmakers, and thanks to our ever-present collaborator, William Shakespeare!".

A Shakespeare themed animation movie inspired by Romeo and Juliet has won the coveted 2020

Shakespeare Shorts Film Competition. Julia Shalimova, an Ukranian director, was awarded the

prestigious title with her short animation film “Romeo + Juliet?”. The top three for the Animation film category included also The First Kiss by Greek director Angelos Spartalis and the Spanish film Jam Tomorrow by director Eflatun Serbay Celebi.

The winner of category Best Film Inspired by Shakespeare is Out Spot! by Steven Fox, followed by, as part of the top three, By Any Other Name by director Peter Kimball and by Psa by William

Shakespeare by Hannah Clift.

For Best Interpretation of a Passage from Shakespeare the winner is Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Horatio by Keeghan VanderWater. In the top three also Hermione by Bella Merlino and Edgar by Luke Martin. Among the 13 films selected also Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood) with actress Isolda Dychauk, co-directed by Madel Nieddu Fresi and Guy Stephens representing Italy, Method in Madness by director Elise Lamb, Macbeth by Argentinian director Diego Campessi and Nail by Iranian director Mahdi Barqzadegan.


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