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We Have Your Wife Short Film Review


Directed by: #JimFord

Written by: #JimFord


We Have Your Wife short film


With awards for Best Film* and Best Actor**, this super short comedy comes to life when a couple of bumbling kidnappers become stumped as their fool-proof plan goes left.

When Mr Smith is woken from his sleep by a call from kidnappers demanding money for the safe return of his wife, his unexpected response leads to a long and unfruitful night for the kidnappers. At first, viewers may question whether he’s bluffing but think again, as he takes his time to think about his answer and appears to fall asleep while on the phone to the kidnappers.

Ed Gutierrez, as the lead kidnapper, tries hard to convince Mr Smith that they are serious. He fairs well with his partner in crime (Ryan Convery), in portraying amateur kidnappers; however, one might expect a few more threatening, yet comical acts of desperation from amateurs looking to get what they want. Jim Ford as Mr Smith gives a few chuckles as a married man who has had enough of his wife’s dismissive and catty behaviour and his lack of sexual satisfaction. His initial response of “Keep her” will undeniably pique one’s interest as to how the kidnappers will respond.

While not side-splittingly funny, some of the one-liners may hit home with those who can relate. Jim Ford, unfortunately, seems to try too hard to stay funny during his long rant which results in him crying, but his performance may be deemed as a good effort by those who enjoy this type of humour. After his free therapy session with the kidnappers, it seems that divorce is not an option and neither is reconciliation.

We also get to see the wife, played by Laura Markis, who seems more annoyed than afraid by the whole situation. When overhearing her husband on the phone, her reaction to him more or less justifies his desire to get rid of her.

We get the whole I-have-to-beg-my-wife-to-put-out complaint, but the story leaves much to be desired on the part of the actual kidnapping. A decent short, worth watching.

*Anaheim International Film Festival 2019 – Best Short Film (Comedy)

** Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival 2019 – Best Lead Actor


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