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Water Walking music video review


Directed by: Mycle Scheuer

Written by: Mycle Scheuer

Starring: Eric Nascimento

Poster for Water Walking showing yellow badge.
Poster for Water Walking

A man is in a room, putting his belongings inside boxes and comes across various objects that are special to him.

A young man appears to be moving to another property. He has plenty of boxes, into which he is placing his stuff. While doing so, and listening to music through earphones, he finds items that have a significant emotional value to him, which include a yellow badge with a smiling face, a book, a toy soldier, a T-shirt with a chimpanzee figure on it and a birthday card. As he locates these objects one by one, he pauses at observes them, giving the impression that looking at them brings back memories. He puts the valuable findings together and carries on with the packing.

This short turns a simple activity, sorting through one's stuff, into something special and emotional.

Although it was shot in black-and-white, there are moments of colour. These moments occur every time one the personal objects is first shown and the objects alone have colour, while their surroundings remain in black-and-white. By utilizing this clever technique, the filmmakers make these belongings stand out, which is further highlighted as the man examines them with a thoughtful look on his face.

The man is the only person seen and he does not say a word. Instead, what is heard is a song, presumably the one that he is listening to while wearing the headphones. The track is the title song, by musical artist Desvious Order and it is a joy listening to it. The lyrics are about looking into the past, making important adjustments and moving on, which is relatable to the video's narrative, about a person leaving a place they have been living in and deciding to hang on to the items that are dear to them. The song is played almost throughout the entire video and due to its lyrics, it creates a feeling of nostalgia.

This three-and-a-half-minute long achievement provides an interesting. It depicts an individual going through an emotional personal journey, caused by the belongings he finds. With the addition of the wonderful song, it takes the viewer on a thought-provoking experience.



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