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Visability Film Festival 2021

Location: Online Event

Duration: Saturday, February 13 2021 7:00 AM-Sunday, February 28 2021 9:30 PM.

Admission fee: £5

Event Review by: Jason Knight

Poster for Visability Film Festival 2021 showing poster and still images from films.
Visability Film Festival 2021

The Visability Film Festival 2021 has now opened its doors to the public. For just £5, visitors have access to all the wonderful contents on offer, which consist of a rich collection of short films, one feature film and recorded interviews with people who work in the film industry. In addition to the videos, scripts of several films and many Q&A's with directors are available to read through. People do need to go through everything in one go, as during the two-week duration of the festival, they are free to log back in whenever they please and continue their experience.

Once a person logs in, they are brought to the festival's main page, which has a poster promoting the event at the top and welcomes them and provides a brief description of what they are going to find there. Everything is rather straightforward and easy to access.

Poster showing still images from films for Side A: Tooth
Side A: Tooth

Regarding the short films, there are a total of fifteen of them, separated into two programs, each with its own name: Side A: 'Tooth' and Side B: 'Claw'. One program contains six and the other nine. Each program consists of a video, containing the selected films, which are played one after the other. There are two lists for each program and they contain the titles of the films and in the order they are shown. There is also a poster for each program, that is made out of images from the films that shown. Some films are less than five minutes long, while others surpass half an hour. The selection includes domestic and international productions and contains live action films, animation and documentaries.

Poster showing still images from films for Side B: Claw.
Side B: Claw

Both programs can be accessed by simply clicking on the relevant video. Viewers can pause, skip and watch the videos as many times as they please.

The selected feature film is La Vida En Comun (Argentina), which is also the festival's winner of the 'Best Feature' award. Just like the short films, it can be viewed by clicking on the relevant video.

The two recorded interviews are with Paul Conway and Steve Toussaint. Conway is a sound editor, winner of a Primetime Emmy and two BAFTA awards and has worked and has worked on a variety of films such as Full Metal Jacket, The Pianist and Les Misérables. Toussaint is an actor, who had roles in major films, including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and has worked on television, with credits including Doctor Who and Line of Duty. Each interview has its own video, in which they are interviewed online, the image shown in split screen. The interviewers are Co-Directors of the Visability Film Festival. Both interviewees share their knowledge and experiences about working in the film industry.

Poster for La Vida En Comun showing animation.
Poster for La Vida En Comun

The Q&A's people have the pleasure of reading through are from eleven directors whose films are taking part in the festival and there are also four scripts to read through. All these are presented in two lists, which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link.

The Visability Film Festival 2021 is an online event that is easy to access and navigate through. It has a great selection of films that are worth experiencing. The interviews, Q&A's and screenplays are a must for every film fan and provide an insight into life in the film and television industries. This festival rewards the audience with entertainment and knowledge and it should not be missed.


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