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UK Film Review presents our newest podcast...The Fantom Zone!

Ever thought where the Marvel Cinematic Universe started? Or where Batman Vs Superman was pulled from?

Well we have you covered. UK Film Review is proud to present to you The Fantom Zone, a new comic book reading club.

Discover the pages that inspired your favourite comic book movies and also get inspired to read some lesser known graphic novels. Each episode will be brought to you by our gang of comic book nerds who can help guide you through the themes of the novel, take a deep dive into the art and understand the history of the characters.

We will be starting with DC's masterpiece Batman: The Long Halloween and each time we will let you know what comic we will be looking at next.

So true believers, jump with us into the pages of comics and journey through the stories that have defined the movie landscape for the last decade.

Listen to us here! The Fantom Zone

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Batman: The Long Halloween


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