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Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix

10 of the best horror films on Netflix Netflix Film Review By Rachel Pullen

Netflix can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, let’s face facts there is a lot of rubbish on there, but if you're willing to get your hands dirty and sift through it, sometimes you can find a small treasure trove of horror delights.

So in no particular order, here are 10 of the best horror films available on Netflix right now.

Hush [2016, directed by Mike Flanagan]

Horror films on Netflix

Hush has got to be one of the best horrors that graced our screens in 2016; shot in one house in the middle of the woods, Mike Flanagan takes the home invasion story to a whole new level by making the leading lady deaf and mute, get ready for white knuckle tension as you scream ‘’he’s behind you’’ more times than your neighbours will care to hear.

Knock Knock [2015, directed by Eli Roth]

Eli Roth comes back to terrorise our screens once more with his latest thriller, Knock knock teaches us what many films of this genre have taught us before...don’t open the door to strangers, because sometimes they never want to leave. Psychologically as well as visual stimulating, Knock knock teaches us many life lessons that should not be ignored.

The Amityville Horror [2005, directed by Andrew Douglas]

Ergh a remake, no one ever likes the remake...well that’s not true in this case. Andrew Douglas delivers shivers and terrors in this stylish and slick flick, with great casting, visual effects and a storyline that delivers new scares but respects the original, The Amityville Horror can be enjoyed all over again.

#Horror [2016, directed by Tara Subkoff]

So this film was not greatly received when released but for those die hard horror fans out there this is a must see. Following the story of a group of young girls who get caught up in a mass slaying, Subkoff decides to not explore the gruesome events that are taking place but more the lives and actions that these children exhibit that is putting them in such a dangerous position.

Thought provoking and cinematically stimulating #Horror teaches us that the general public often don’t know a good movie when they see one.

Paranormal Activity 4 [2012, directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost]

Yeah okay I know most people hate the Paranormal franchise and its many repetitive ghost scares, I mean come on, how much more far can we get from a door opening on its own or a floating tea cup? But if you decided to carry on after the first instalment you would have stumbled upon this little gem.

Paranormal Activity 4 continues with the story of the abducted nephew Hunter who now is safely living with his adoptive family, but not for long, as the new neighbours move in, so do the creepy scenarios.

With a great performance from leading lady Alex played by Kathryn Newton and her lovable best friend Ben played by Matt Shively [in my mind he steals the show with his adorable quips] this is the instalment not to miss.

The Invitation [2015, directed by Karyn Kusama]

Staying friends with an ex is something that some of us do and some just don’t. Me, personally, I’m in the middle, for you see sometimes you need to remember why you no longer wanted them in your life...especially if they are insane.

The Invitation is a chilling and intense horror that follows the story of Will who politely accepts an invitation to a dinner party at his ex girlfriend's house, and while that alone is a tense enough situation to be in, things just go from bad to worse as the party unfolds.

Most Likely to Die [2015 directed by Anthony DiBlasi]

Sometimes in life we all want to watch something that does what it says on the tin, no fancy camera angles, no long drawn out dialogue, just people getting killed in a stupid and comedic way....welcome to the stage Most Like to Die.

At a high school reunion party, a group of friends fall victim to a killer who takes pride in themed deaths, bowling around in his graduation robes this killer strikes little fear but many laughs and good old fashioned jump scares, enjoyable and campy this film is a great watch when you’re feeling in the mood for a light hearted kill spree.

It Follows [2014, directed by David Robert Mitchell]

10 best horror films on Netflix

STD’s are on the rise, which in itself is a scary thought, but what if that STD could kill you in strange and disturbing ways? What if it followed your every move? Terrifying right? Well director David Robert Mitchell brings that fear to life.

It Follows is the story of a young girl who contracts an STD which causes mysterious figures to stalk and kill people, in a bid to save her life and others she must find the reason behind this mysterious disease and uncover the cause of its evolution.

This witty, charming but disturbing horror will have you paranoid and asking questions for days after watching it.

April Fool's Day [1986, directed by Fred Walton]

Pranks galore in this 80’s classic as we follow the story of a group of college students who take a weekend break at a friend’s secluded holiday home, but it’s not long before people start to go missing or even worse turn up dead.

If you’re a fan of 80’s horror this is a must watch, but if you’re not don’t worry, April Fool's Day has an amazing ensemble of characters, interesting plot twists and outstanding 80’s hairstyles that will keep you glued to your seats.

The Stepfather [2009, directed by Nelson McCormick]

We have all heard the stories about people not liking their stepfathers, but what if that stepfather loved a bit of the old murder scene...?

Well this is the problem that Michael faces when his new mother's love interest turns out to be the ultimate imposter in this gripping slasher piece.

A remake of the 1987 classic which does not lack in development as well as paying homage to the original The stepfather doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to those all important jump scares.


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