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Timo's Winter short film review


Directed by: Giulio Mastromauro

Written by: Giulio Mastromauro, Andrea Brusa

Starring: Giulio Beranek, Babak Karimi, Elisabetta De Vito, Christian Petaroscia

Poster for Timo's Winter showing protagonist and caravans.
Movie Poster for Timo's Winter

A heartbreaking look into the harsh life of an underprivileged family.

Little boy Timo lives with his parents and grandparents in a caravan. He helps his family take care of the attractions and rides at a nearby funfair, where they work. His mother is heavily ill. It is winter and things are tough, because people are not going to the amusement park.

This poignant story carefully examines the struggles that these poor individuals have to face. They clearly do not have a lot of money, as they live in a caravan. And due to the winter season, the park is not busy, therefore they are struggling with their income. On top of all that, Timo's mother is seriously unwell. There are many scenes that show Timo, his father and grandfather tending to the funfair, proving how hard they are working to stay on top of things. The scenes in the caravan with the mother in bed are truly sad.

The cast deliver very emotional performances as Greek-speaking, well-meaning individuals who care for each other and want to live a good life. Petaroscia deserves special mention as his performance is heart-rending and very realistic, which is quite an achievement for an actor so young.

Mastromauro does a fantastic job, creating wonderful establishing shots and the scene where mourners gather outside the caravan at night to pay their respects, holding lit candles, is very well directed and has great use of lighting.

Great praise goes to Bruno Falanga's score. The music is sentimental and poignant, perfectly accompanying the tragic narrative.

This winner of multiple awards worldwide takes a look at life's harshest realities. It explores themes of family, loss, love and poverty and is bound to touch people's hearts.



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