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Thin Places short film

Directed by Mark Schwab Starring Mark Balunis, Robert Sean Campbell Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen

Thin Places short film

Finding another dimension is sometimes not as easy as those kids in the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe make it look, and pushing past a bunch of musty fur coats at the back of a wardrobe is just not going to cut it for our adventurous lead roles in Mark Schwab’s short film Thin Places.

We meet two friends who are interested in finding the ‘’god particle’’ as well as the ‘’god doorway’’, another dimension which they want to open up for the whole world to enjoy, and not only that but it will provided a whole new fuel resource which is going to make them a whole lot of cash!

The pair become more curious about the opening to the dimension and decide to take a look for themselves, clearly they have never heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat, and so their trip results in the disappearance of man number one played by Robert Sean Campbell.

The film is compromised of flashbacks from the two men meeting and discussing their plans, to the hunt itself, all are narrated by an interview with the second man (Mark Balunis) by what can only be assumed to be a government official.

The meeting with the government official acts as a guide to the audience, allowing us a better understanding of the timeline of events as well as the men’s emotional turmoil whilst undertaking the hunt.

Thin Places makes up for its low budget in rich and interesting dialogue, and all though some may find it a little heavy it is necessary to understand the storyline.

Schwab is becoming known for his complex and unique storylines and Thin Places certainly delivers more of this, but not only that the film is far from lacking some great cinematography and interesting angles, it is apparent that a low budget is no handicap for Schwab’s directing style. Thin Places holds its own as an interesting and thought provoking short film, but it could certainly work well as a full length feature.

This film leaves a lot of unanswered questions and I’m not sure if that was Schwab’s intention or just that certain questions could not be wrapped up on such a tight budget as I can only assume creating another dimension for screen is not something that is going to come cheap to any production.

Despite this Thin Places is an enjoyable watch, especially for anyone interested in the sci fi genre.


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