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The Traveller short film review


Directed by: Shehroze Khan

Written by: #ShehrozeKhan


The Traveller short film poster
The Traveller short film poster

I like to break the silence of social situations, where everyone's on their phone and not speaking by asking the question...if you could travel through time just once, where would you go? I’d go back to the 80’s and invest in Apple Macs, come back to now and reap the benefits...savvy I know.

Maybe you would travel back to a point in your life when you were truly happy, to a lost romance, your childhood perhaps. That time your tried to blow up Disneyland, wherever it may be.

But what if this was not just a one-off? What if we were surrounded by time travellers and never had a clue.

Short film The Traveller is the tale of a young man who jumps throughout time, collecting people's information and sending it to a group of people he has never met called the facilitators in order to protect the future of the world. However, during all of this he has the time to visit a therapist...makes sense, we all must take care of our health, physical and mental.

He tells his doc all about his life, of how there are many more of him skipping around in time, having bants in a variety of costumes, one day 80’s shell suits, then next 40’s high waisted trousers, the possibilities are endless. But also he tells of how he has no home, his lack of connection to the human race, of how really he has no sense of self.

The Traveller is a remarkably professional looking short, in fact at a glance you would think this is a high budget production. #Filmmaker Shehroze Khan is able to set up shots in a seamless fashion, and although he does not pull out the flashy or arty angle game, he produces professional results, sometimes less is better.

As well as Khan’s performance behind the camera, all in front also bring a excellent level of professionalism to the movie. Spena and Underwood bounce off one another during the one to one scene, they are able to feed off each other’s emotional responses and reactions, making for a compelling watch.

The Traveller has so much more to offer, we are invested in the characters, their dimensions have so much more to them than a short can allow, and I for one want to know more. How does the doc know the traveller? What information is he gathering to send to the facilitators? No one likes identity theft at the end of the day, and why are they bashing their chests in a Tarzan like fashion? Was Tarzan a time traveller too?

These questions must be answered. A feature length #indiefilm we must have.



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