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The Rat

Review by Amaliah Sara Marmon-Halm

A whirlwind of intensity from the start, The Rat tells the tale of a police stakeout over a known drug dealer named Sanchez. With tech-paranoid associate in tow and another supposedly scoping the scene, the cops have to get what they need to nail their man. The only problem? While they have illegally bugged out the drug den, a rat within the force keeps Sanchez one step ahead.

Paranoia, suspicion, gun-pointing and intrigue ensue as the detectives fight amongst themselves to find out who the rat is. Whilst the detectives fight amongst themselves, will they get their chance to finally capture their target or will the tables turn and leave them exposed and in the firing line?

This short film has all the thrill, intensity and drama of a feature length, condensed into 7 minutes. This truly is a great feat and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Ending on a cliff-hanger, where you don’t know whether they live or die, you are left to fill in the blanks with your own imagination. You know you are watching a well-made short when it leaves you wanting more and wishing it was that little bit longer.


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