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The Massive F*cking Bender - Short Film Review


Written & Directed by: #LauraMarcus

Starring: #LauraMarcus

Still from The Massive F*cking Bender

With her mother away for the weekend, a girl sets about planning her evening of antics in order to gain some drinking experience before diving headfirst into University life in September.

Here we are again, bearing witness to another gifted filmmaker who wouldn’t allow for the current world situation to put a stop to creation. Laura Marcus’ insanely enjoyable The Massive F*cking Bender is a phenomenally rich project with one the most entertaining performances I’ve seen in a while. As intended when making the film, she set out to make audiences feel some sense of joy and relief; something I believe was certainly achieved.

Laura mentions in her interview with us that this film was edited within iMovie and her budget was £8.99. You honestly can’t tell; there’s a genuine top-notch look about this energetic short. The editing is particularly inspiring for any budding filmmakers who might need a little convincing that it isn’t always about the tools you have, but how you use them. Laura’s “utterly stupid” (her words, not mine) film — made during the UKs first lockdown — is a chaotic and funny scramble. Pieces somehow clicking together just right, with perfectly selected music to accompany the youthful plot. It’s incredibly well-paced from the opening to close.

The snappy nature of The Massive F*cking Bender allows for Laura to cut rapidly between scenarios featuring wacky characterised versions of “real” people, which really reminded me of the style of Danny Boyle. The film is roughly 10 minutes in length but it feels even less, due to the speedy cut and exciting plotting. This is such a simple story idea, and really could have been put together by anyone, which I think is the point. But, no one could have made it quite like this.

I must say, prior to watching this short film, I wasn’t sure it would be to my taste. Yet here I am, absolutely impressed by the skill on display. Even the cinematography, which was clearly handled solo, has a polished feel. Laura has certainly grabbed my attention and I’m very interested to see what she tries next. The Massive F*cking Bender is a superb, fast-paced thrill with plenty of laughs, and quite possibly the little bit of cheer you’ve needed after months of uncertainty.

The Massive F*cking Bender screens as part of the BFI Future Film Festival from 18-21 February, free on BFI Player:



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