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The Flight of Iro and Casper

Written & Directed by Paul Hubert

Starring Liam Nooney, Dimitra Barla & Karina Knapinska

Short film review by Monica Jowett

The Flight of Iro and Casper is a quirky sci-fi with a splash of romance about a man who happens upon a mirror which reflects the image of a young woman and not him. Writer and director Paul Hubert brings us an entertaining short film with some impressive comedic moments.

Casper (Liam Nooney) is a lonely but optimistic office worker, teased and upset by his colleagues about not being able to find himself a date, he stumbles upon a mirror in a warehouse that shows a mysterious woman, Iro (Dimitra Barla) copying his every move, and dressed exactly as he is. Shocked and intrigued by this he is referred to a physicist by a colleague, Dr Luoma (Karina Knapinska) who has a theory about these ‘girls in the mirror’.

After learning that the girl Iro is a version of himself on an alternate hidden world, Casper finds a way to contact her, and once they finally communicate, Casper somehow transports to Iro’s alternate world. When he is there, paradoxes and science fiction issues arise that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for these two to be in the same world, as they are two halves of one person.

The Flight of Iro and Casper is careful to not go into too much detail about inter-world travel and the physics, not giving us a headache as we try to figure out the logistics. Drawing influence from the 1969 film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun and the Greek myth of Icarus, as Casper is hit by a falling wax wing, the combination of sci-fi and mythology shows a different way of trying to get the girl, who just happens to be the opposite yet the same version of him. This is possibly the reason he falls for her.

Using an upbeat musical score, the tone matches the quirkiness of the film’s plot, corresponding to the energy in the performances the actors give their characters. Nooney suits his role as Casper, portraying the right mix of cheerful romantic and sceptic adventurer. The cinematography is not showy, great for this short film, as the black and white scenes on the other world reflect the differences in the places.

The Flight of Iro and Casper is a unique and fun sic-fi movie, steering away from any mind melting confusion, to make it a cheerful short that should be checked out by anyone who enjoys a different type of science fiction.

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