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The Burying Party indie film


Directed by #RichardWeston



Considered by many to be the greatest war poet of his generation, the final year in Wilfred Owen’s life is captured in #TheBuryingParty. 100 years after his death, the film is having #centennial screenings in cinemas nationwide this November, including in Edinburgh where Owen was treated for shell shock and in his hometowns in Shropshire and the Wirral.

The film follows #WilfredOwen, played by Matthew Staite, as he meets prominent literary figures of the time including #RobbieRoss, #CharlesScottMoncrieff, #RobertGraves and his mentor, #SiegfriedSassoon. As well as focusing on his #poetry and those around him who would go on to influence his work, The Burying Party also explores his time as a soldier in the #FirstWorldWar as he returns to the front.

Even for those unfamiliar with the life and work of Wilfred Owen, his story makes for an intriguing watch. The film is accessible to those wanting to learn more about the poet’s life and what his final year was like before his death at the young age of 25. Many themes are tackled in the film, including the impact of war and Owen’s sexuality, and these are subtly linked to how they have had an impact on his poetry and his decision to return to the front. As Owen says in the film “This is hell, nor are we out of it”, The Burying Party works well at exploring how the emotional and psychological effects of war linger long after the soldiers are done fighting. War has a lasting impact and the film tackles issues such as shellshock with care and sensitivity.

The film’s strength lies in how the poetry is translated on screen and seeps into the production, as the film feels poetic with its quietly moving tone, evocative score and beautiful cinematography. The Burying Party is wonderfully shot and many of the shots are static and the camera lingers, waiting as the action unfolds in the frame. The production design places the viewer back in that era and the scenes are well-acted, with Matthew Staite’s performance as Wilfred Owen being the standout.

The film delves deep into the life of Wilfred Owen and it is this romantic and poetic exploration of his final year which makes the ending all the more moving. The Burying Party captures the power of Wilfred Owen's words and just how wonderful his poetry is.


Watch the official movie trailer for The Burying Party below.



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