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Tea For Two

Written & Directed by Mark Brennan

Starring Amanda Barrie, John Challis, Abigail Parmenter, William Postlethwaite & James Hamer-Morton

Review by Amaliah S. Marmon-Halm

Overflowing with light, pastel themes, delicious cakes and teapots, Tea For Two is a slightly supernatural little romcom that's sure to make you feel warm, fuzzy and in need of a cuppa.

We are first introduced to Jim and Alice, a bumbling old married couple, who appear to run their cute and quirky village tea room. They initially seem like a harmless and welcoming couple, anxiously waiting for their customers to arrive. As their first customer arrives, a young man looking for a treat in his lunch break, a series of intriguing and odd events start to occur. He's given a rather cold reception from Jim and upon the mentioning of cake, it seems like the young man is irrationally in his bad books. It starts to become obvious that this couple is more mischievous than they originally let on.

Next to visit is young woman, also on her lunch break. With Jim and Alice both becoming starry eyed, it's clear to see that they have an agenda for this pair.

Through a series of bumbling mistakes, odd actions and nervous excitement, Jim and Alice set themselves on the young pair like a pair of overexcited cupids looking for a target. The twists that intertwine this film are delightful and hilarious. What this film also does well is take the classic British comedy blueprint and give it a delightful modern twist. An audience of any age can watch this and either relate to the annoyance of the young pair or the playful mischievousness of the old couple. What you end up with is an adorable tale of tea, cake and what it means to rediscover an old love, a short film that leaves you chuckling along with every mishap.

The twist, although somewhat expected, is sure to leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling.


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